All Still Alive!

Well, if you’ve been living in Adelaide over the past few days, you know what I’m talking about! We have had a major heatwave with temperatures over 40*C (104*F) for at least four straight days…

Saturday night, we went to the beach with a group of people. On our way down, we passed one of those giant outdoor temperature gauges and the temperature–at 5:45pm, mind you!–was 45*C (113*F)!!!!!!! On the way home, at 10:10pm no less, it was still 39*C (102*F)! Can you beat that?! 🙂

It broke last night and we had the most gorgeous cool evening breezes, ensuring that everybody (who hadn’t previously) slept refreshingly. 🙂

Btw, the beach was wonderful. It was just a little cooler down there, making it bearable (if not actually pleasant) and the water…well, it was heavenly! You missed a treat!


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