Miscellaneous Information

–We are settling into our new house, gradually but nicely! Painting has been done and the results are satisying to all (if a little of a surprise in some instances…). There is so much wonderful storage room that organisation is being done quite well as we go. 🙂

–Our phone is finally on as of yesterday after hassles and waiting! So if you unsuccessfully tried to call our new number, that has been remedied.

–Due to lack of phone, I have also been internet-less except when at work. Only e-mail is remedied by yesterday’s phone connection. Broadband isn’t being done until tomorrow…hence, the lack of blogging!

–I am now 26!! Getting older and greyer by the year…but not really worried about it! 🙂 Most of the day was spent unpacking and organising (oh joy!) but Mel A did take me out for lunch which was nice. My family and Grandpa went out for tea, then a few of my friends came over for supper afterwards. However, we realised at tea that the spoken-of cake had never eventuated, so I got through the day without being sung to for the first time ?ever?! 🙂 High commendations to Graeme for his long trek at the end of a busy day to make an appearance at my small gathering–a sign of a true friend!

–A long-time penpal told me in my birthday card today that she is coming to Adelaide for about a week on Valentine’s Day and wants to catch up! I met Jemima for the first time on the way back from Sydney in January of 2003. This will be meeting two the penpals of…?7-8? years!

–I have 5 weddings in 2006 already! Kat (Kathryn) is first off the mark on April 15th. Jemima is second on April 29th. Jason & Jo are June 17th. My brother Michael and his fiancee Melinda are joining the ranks of younger-siblings-marrying-before-older-siblings on July 8th. Finally, Ads & Lozza (translate: Adam & Lauren!) are getting married in November…I have heard the 4th but we shall see what happens!


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