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Four jobs I’ve had:
-data entry clerk
-finance clerk
-minor surgery assistant
-medical receptionist

Four movies I can watch over and over:
-Ever After
-Pride & Prejudice
-Anne of Green Gables
-A Walk to Remember

Four places I’ve lived:
-Modbury North, Adelaide, SA
-Cooma, NSW
-Gawler, SA
-Blakeview, Adelaide, SA

Four TV shows I love (or rather, “don’t mind”):
Never happens but if ever…
-Surprise Chef (extinct?)
-Backyard Blitz

Four highly regarded and recommended TV shows that I’ve never watched a single minute of (or rather, that I wouldn’t start a pattern of):
-Dr Phil
-McLeod’s Daughters

Four places I’ve vacationed:
-South Korea
-Hobart, Australia
-Perth & South-West WA, Australia

Four of my favorite dishes:
-Lemon Coriander Chicken
-Beef Stroganoff
-Chow Mien

Four sites I visit daily:
Two Talent Living
Girl Talk
Solo Femininity

Four places I would rather be right now:
-Beach or just OUTSIDE
-Great Ocean Road, Australia

Four things I would rather be right now:

Four people I have ‘tagged’ to do this quiz next…
LCP:The Blog


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