Valentine’s Day

So what did you do on Valentine’s Day?

We had a SINGLES Valentine’s party! πŸ™‚ (Josh, I know you’re sitting there shaking your head already…) Last year, when I was in a relationship, I thought that it would be a cool idea for my boyfriend and I to do something next Valentine’s day for the singles we knew. This year unexpectedly found me single again (but happy!)…but I decided that I would go ahead and organise it all myself, anyway!

Because some of my good friends are guys who are long-time singles, I chose to host a mixed event, however I stressed that there would be no match-making, pairing, or even matching guy-girl numbers. I knew that these guys would be very disappointed to be excluded but at the same time would never think of organising something like this…and our small “social group” is a very ‘mixed’ one.

For decorating, we had red streamers (hung superbly by some of the guys), white tablecloths, red and white balloons, white plates, red napkins…can you see the colour theme?! We happen to have white walls also in our family’s new house so I printed out large funky-shaped hearts with different snippets of 1 Cor. 13 on each one and tacked them onto all the walls. It looked fantastic, if I do say so myself. πŸ˜‰

Everybody was requested to bring a small (eg, under $5) Valentine-themed present wrapped in red paper and tied with white ribbon. While this might sound compulsive (lol), the main purpose was so that nobody felt too conspicuous by having a present that stood out, etc! Towards the end of the evening, we numbered the gifts and each guest was also given a piece of paper with a number on. As each number (from 1 to 23) was called, the guest had to go up and find the matching numbered present from the table. This then became their present. Amazingly and with no planning, nobody ended up with their own present!!! It was very interesting to see the things that people came up with and everybody left with a gift.

It was such a fun night, with much lively conversation and laughter. It was a great opportunity for people with small networks to meet others that they may not have otherwise met. Nobody was left sitting at home. I doubt anybody felt lonely!

I had invited anybody I came across that was single up until the day…very brave of me as I usually find it more difficult to meet new people… According to these otherwise unknown people, this really blessed them! In doing so, I have also made some new friends!

I do believe it rates as my best Valentine’s Day ever…and I didn’t even need a partner to make my day! πŸ™‚ It was quite hard work, but it was ever so rewarding. Thank you, Lord, for ideas, peace, fun, and wonderful friends!


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