Missions Updates

In spite of the fact that my blog hasn’t shown it, both groups of short-term-mission-aries got back safely with many tales to tell.

As the group to the Philippines was from my church, I have heard the most of those. There has been a good response to this trip and many people have requested a ‘visit’ by these guys. One of the important emphases of the trip was that the people staying behind (eg, me for one!) were just as important as those going and, amazingly, this has been quite effectively communicated…actually like it was true! 🙂

However, it has been wonderful to hear their tales and see their pictures. One story particularly demonstrates the amazing work of the Holy Spirit…

Apparently, in the Philippines, if you are really serious about asking/inviting somebody to something you ask them THREE times. Not once, not twice, but three times. Until you get to that third time, they will say no. This proves that you really are serious about your invitation.

Well, none of our group knew that, but one evening as they were holding a youth service the Holy Spirit took care of that for them. John was preaching and as he went to start, there were people hanging in and around the windows of the building.

John, planning to give a Gospel message, told everybody he felt his message was so important that he didn’t want to start until everybody came inside and sat down. No response. So, he repeated it again, stating that he was serious.

The youth pastor, Henry, was silenly wishing he would get on with it as it seemed (as it would to all of us) to be making an embarrassing big deal out of nothing.

However, John was determined and so he stated his request again. The third time.

Instantly, everybody came inside, sat down, and listened to the gospel being shared!

John did not have a clue about this but had merely followed what was impressed on his heart. As a result, all these people–many of whom had never stepped foot inside the church before–heard the Gospel preach.

Isn’t God amazing?!


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