Sly & Sneaky

You know, I’m amazed…

I’m amazed at how easily feministic undertones can start to colour, albeit mildly, even a non-feministic thinker such as myself.

The male author of a book I am currently reading states that he has many men say to him how they struggle between being the man God wants them to be and the man their wife wants them to be. If we are Christian women, should this be any different?! For example: God created them to be strong, yet society (and their wives!) want them to be sensitive (SNAG–right, Josh?! lol)…or both! That challenged me because can you imagine what a tightrope that must be to walk?! 🙂

Personally, I’m not after a SNAG…therefore I have to be prepared to accept that, in seeking to be strong for God, my man (who, btw, is still absent!) probably won’t be perfectly sensitive all the time…and I need to be happy about that. 🙂

It really made me stop and think: Are my expectations realistic? Oh well, now I have the opportunity to make sure! 🙂

You know, it always pays to be on guard…


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