How Exciting Is That?!

My brother-in-law e-mailed this morning with most exciting news! Rather than planning to come see us in December or January, as had been only hoped, they are planning to come in October or November. THIS YEAR!!!!! ALL of them! For TWO WHOLE WEEKS! Woohoo! We are very excited. 🙂 They are hoping to actually book their flights in the next couple of days.

By the time they do come, it will have been FIVE YEARS since we have seen ANY of them! The baby nephew that I cuddled last visit will be a cheeky-grinned, hick-stick-accented 5-year-old Texan-cowboy-wanna-be. 🙂 And hopefully, he will have been joined by a baby brother…or else the poor guy will have 3 sisters! 😀 My first-ever niece will be a very-grown-up young lady of 6 1/2 (oh my gosh, I feel old!!!) and my never-seen-or-cuddled youngest niece (to date) will be an unbelievable 3 years old. WHERE, tell me, do the years go?!

Update: They arrive November 6!!!!!


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