A Different Perspective…

…and one that I found refreshing. The following is an excerpt from an article written by a Christian guy–which, in itself, is refreshing. 🙂 I have pasted the best and most encouraging mid-section (plus added the bold text formatting). If you want to read the entire article (admittedly, the remainder will probably appeal most to the guys!), please click on the link at the bottom of this post…

I think many relationships are silly because people do not properly understand love. Love creates responsibility. The moment one person begins to love another, he or she has a responsibility toward that person. Sometimes it is never to express the love. Sometimes it is to die for the person. For a young man, it is often the responsibility to eventually provide for the woman in marriage.

But too many people want the enjoyment of love without its responsibilities. The flirtatious person wants the good feelings of romance without commiting to a relationship. Others go beyond flirting and begin a romantic relationship before they are ready for the duties of marriage. Such relationships are often observed at college. Yes, it is wonderful that Jonny loves Sally. But he is a college freshman with no money. In four years, he will be a college graduate with no money. He can’t do anything for the next four years except hold her hand and stare dreamily into her eyes. I’m sure there is something to be said for hand holding and dreamy staring, but is it worthwhile? The problem is that Jonny has the love, but isn’t ready for the responsibilities attending a serious relationship.

I sometimes hear young men castigated for not being assertive and bold in starting relationships. Although cowardice is certainly bad, some fine gents are simply waiting because they are not ready to pursue a relationship. Many of these putative cowards would be quite ready to let a girl know of their affections if they were not held back by this consideration. But they take seriously the duties that attend an expression of love.

This, then, is the second reason love terrifies me. It is not that I am afraid of responsibility, at least I hope I am not. And it is certainly not a fear of commitment. But I have a healthy respect for the seriousness of love and marriage. And the older I get, the more I realize how unprepared for them I am.

Will Glaser


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