Calling All Singles

No, that isn’t as it may sound! No, I’m not starting my own singles chatroom! 🙂 HOWEVER, if you are single, you should read this post–regardless of whether you’re male or female, young or old!

And to add another no to the mix, it’s not because I’m about to pour forth all these words of wisdom that I’m convinced all should heed, but because I want to tell you about a resource I recently discovered! 🙂

I came across a link in the comments section of CHALLIES.COM which I actually don’t even read! I probably got there through Danielle who does read it. Me? I’ve just never got hooked (apologies to the author!)–for no particular reason.

Dear Young Single Christian is actually a letter written from a long-time married parent to singles. It started out with just a letter and, as people have asked questions, has grown to include a list of questions and answers. In my opinion, this is a brilliant resource. I found it a refreshing encouragement! It is so practical yet in no way a rulebook. It is “practically practical” if such a thing can be said. 🙂 There is so much guidance yet never for a minute do you feel like it is building a box around you or around God.

So head on over a have a read! It is advised (and I agree) to read the letter to new visitors, then the actual letter in its entirety, then the questions in numerical order! I am still working my way through the questions… 🙂

Oh, and I would suggest that you read every question/answer, regardless of whether or not you think it applies to you because there is a lot of good in them all and I think probably they’re all part of the bigger framework. And then…would you let me know what you think? 🙂


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