Random Thoughts

Sorry about the drought of posts around here! I have tried in quiet moments and the computer I had available didn’t like my blog and kept closing–so I gave up. Then in the last week or so, I’ve had a really bad flare-up with my arm, so I’ve tried to act responsibly and limit my computer usage. 🙂 I have succeeded and it is returning to normal!

I had quite a busy, but good, weekend. One little encouragement I got out of the message on Sunday was the reminder that God rewards those who seek. The statement was made: Unlike the world who rewards or labels as successful those who win or achieve, God rewards those who SEEK. Of course, I know that! However, I hadn’t really stopped to think about it in the context of contrast. Seeing as I feel I’m spending the majority of my time SEEKING–particularly this year–that was tremendously encouraging to me. I don’t have to worry (and, yes, it has bothered me) that I’m not quite sure which of many directions I’m meant to be taking! Because I AM SEEKING constantly–and that’s what matters to God.

Sunday evening, I missed a good service at our church and travelled a-l-l the way down south. Some weeks back, I got mail stating that KP Yohannan of Gospel for Asia was coming to Australia for a week. Amazingly, he was also coming to Adelaide for ONE night. Conveniently, he was also going to be speaking at the church of one of my very best friends. How nice. 🙂

I heard of Gospel for Asia some years back through a link in an e-mail offering a free book. Anybody who knows me knows I’m a sucker for any book, let alone a free one! Since then, I have received their materials and somewhat followed their ministry.

A friend of mine that also knows of their ministry–and happened to have got sucked in by the same free book offer!! lol–happened to be already flying into Adelaide in the afternoon. I picked him up, thankful to have moral support in an unfamiliar environment! (I don’t do the meet-new-people thing all that confidently…)

It was a good evening, very challenging of our lifestyles and commitments. KP shared about some of the native missionaries and their extraordinary level of commitment. He shared a heart-breaking story of a woman who met a missionary just half an hour after she had thrown her 6-month-old baby into the river seeking forgiveness for her sins. 😦 The missionary was able to share Christ with her and His forgiveness. I believe that she accepted that, but as she said, “If only you had come half an hour earlier, I wouldn’t have had to kill my baby.” I was challenged about how much our knowledge of people dying without Christ and going to hell actually impacts our life. Of course, we know it! Of course, we hate it! But do we…do I…really live that out in our life?

We stuck around after the service for quite some time. Josh seemed to know every fifth person, so there was no shortage of people speaking to him! The last of his friends that we really spoke to was a guy called Paul. It was very encouraging to listen to what he had to say as he shared how he and his wife are seeking God’s direction in their lives and their discontent with just living a life going along with the status quo. I essentially said nothing for the whole lengthy conversation…just did the ping-pong thing with my eyes going back and forth from Paul to Josh and back again, listening to what they had to say. (You don’t believe me? You think I can’t shut up? Well, ’tis true. 🙂 ) After the encouraging side of a spiritual conversation, they moved onto political and other issues and it was a very interesting conversation. As I said when questioned, it’s always good to hear another perspective!


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