A Blessings Shower

Last Wednesday was not a good day. I can’t remember what happened in the morning–it may have been ok. Since I work in the afternoon, it always determines what kind of day I have since that is what I finish on! If it’s a bad afternoon, I just plain can’t remember what happened in the morning. 🙂

The first thing I heard when I got into work is that we were getting another receptionist at our second surgery (5 mins away). Now you may think, What is the big deal? Well, just a couple of weeks ago when Candy resigned from over there, I called my practice manager to ask what was happening with her shifts. I got told something about needing to use them for one of their overseas doctors to get some exposure or something. I have no idea…except those shifts weren’t available or unstaffed!!!

Now, this might not be so bad if it wasn’t the umpteenth time that I have sought extra hours and/or to be put on permanent part-time instead of casual. Or if I had no idea about my work. Or if I was new and on probation. But I have been around for almost 2 years and I happen to have established most of the policies and procedures! Plus the fact that when I applied for this job, it was advertised as 25-30 hours permanent part-time and, in spite of much trying, I have rarely got those kind of hours and have certainly never won the battle to be put on permanent.

So I was hopping mad!!! All afternoon. All long, quiet, boring afternoon. Not a good combination. It made for a bad afternoon. I just wanted OUT!

I dragged myself out to Recharge (Young Adults) at night and felt recharged for about the length of time I was there…it wore off when I walked out the door. 🙂 But after I got home, the little spring shower started…

The minute I walked in the door, my brother (who was on the phone) asked me if I’d messaged his girlfriend (Lisa) that day. Yes, I had–so now I was wondering what I’d done wrong this time!!! But no, for once in my life, I had pleased my teenage brother! Apparently, the night before, Lisa was feeling quite down that none of the D:tour (Year 11-12 home group) leaders had messaged any of the girls to encourage them in the current Bible reading plan, but the boys got messages weekly. Well, I am just new to the D:tour leadership and so I decided on Wednesday morning to message the girls about the Bible reading plan! I had NO idea of the conversation between Lisa and Tim, but what impeccable timing can our God orchestrate?! Lisa thought Tim had talked to me! So she was very encouraged to receive my message. In turn, it was a little boost to my spirit at the end of a blah day.

Then I went read an e-mail a young friend of mine sent. I had to laugh. It was just a random forward that she, in turn, forwarded, but it related closely to a conversation I had with a friend the previous week. I’ll post it. If it had’ve been the only thing that night, I probably wouldn’t have thought much about it, but back-to-back with the other things, I couldn’t help see a compassionate God’s hand working.

Finally, when I was just about to go to sleep, my phone beeped with a new message. It was from one of the young guys from our church, apologising. I never can seem to work this friend out and almost the only way we communicate is joking. He always has a go at me about something and, while I know it’s only joking, it does get wearing. I had said light-heartedly to him earlier that evening that he never has anything nice to say to me. I didn’t think it made any impact whatsoever. However, behind the scenes, the comment played over. Hence, the text message apologising and thanking me for my new involvement in D:tour. Having thought in desperation that I should start praying for a normal, more enjoyable friendship with this fellow leader, it was such an encouragement–God beat me to it: I hadn’t even started to pray yet!

And after that little shower of blessings, I went to sleep… 🙂


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