A Preview To My Funeral?

Last night, I didn’t go to Recharge (young adults’ Bible study) because I have had so many enforced nights out that I needed one at home. I should have gone.

We have been going through the “one another” passages of the Bible and the guys have been taking turns in teaching. Last night, apparently Henry (youth pastor) had one about encouraging or exhorting one another. He decided to make it more practical than theoretical. Brilliant idea.

So everybody had a piece of paper with their name at the top and then the line, “We Need You Because…” These were then passed around the room with every person writing something encouraging about the person whose name was at the top of the paper. I was extremely privileged that Henry started one for me, even though I wasn’t there.

You know how people often say they wish they could be at their funeral or why don’t people say the nice things before the person dies? Well, I can’t complain at my funeral because I’ve already heard them. 🙂

I was so touched that I wanted to share my list…

We Need You Because…

You take time to care for others and make everyone feel welcome.

You have clear priorities in your life and live them out accordingly which is something I really admire.

You are an amazing woman. You are a fantastic listener and have always been there for me. You are so caring and hospitable. 🙂

You are not afraid to say what you think.

You are a very caring person.

…of your boldness and compassion. Your desire to serve God passionately and to honour him with your life.

You are always there for a good chat. So caring, friendly and considerate. Such a godly woman.

One only word to describe you ‘lovely’.

Your beauty. Your kindness. Your listening ear. Your obedience to the Lord. Your witness as a godly young Christian woman. Your support and encouragement. You challenge me too. Your willingness to minister to those sometimes forgotten, or others are too scared to.

…of your honesty and straightforwardness.

Your beautiful smile quickly lights up a room!

You’re great to talk to and an awesome listener!

You are great to talk to, a great encourager.

You were there when I really needed a friend, and your taste in music is pretty cool.

I can be myself with you, you are a great listener, a true friend, one to fight with and make up with. Love you heaps. xx 🙂

You are always helping me to respect myself and be as good as I can be.

You are an example of a woman who seeks to honour God in all she does.

I appreciate the fact that you think long term and big picture, and don’t just get overcome by urgent and unimportant tasks. Your long term commitment to relationships is great too. Of course, there’s many other reasons we need you, but there’s two new ones I have thought of recently.

A couple of these, I knew who had written them from their handwriting. Many of these, I have no idea who wrote them. For the majority of them, I was staggered. I would be hard-pressed to recall another time in my life that I have felt so very honoured. I wish that I had been there last night so that I could have written my own words on their sheeets.

These people (with the exception of 1-2) really know me. We have cried together. We have laughed together. We have hung out together. And we have fought–as you may have gathered from one of the comments above (which happens to be a joke as it is from a friend who got mad with me over the weekend!). It reminds me that I love this group…

Thanks, House, for making sure I didn’t miss out on one huge blessing. You knew I needed it. 🙂


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