The One You Love To ‘Hate’

Dedicated to Heath

Narelle (Narly), Heath (Billy), Kristy (Silly) – 1999

I think it began when he accused me of trying to ‘food-poison’ him at the first meal he ever ate at our house.

I think it continued when I ‘beat him up’ because he robbed me of my sister’s company walking to church.

I think it was personalised when I nicknamed him “Billy”…”Bill” being my sister’s previously developed code-name for a ‘significant other’ (eg, short for Brother-In-Law).

I think it deepened when he ‘retaliated’ by nicknaming me “Silly”…obviously a waiting-to-happen female version!

And so the feud was born…

And continues to this day as evidenced by an e-mail I recently received from my sister…

Funny you should ask….it just got here today….
only Heath happened to be the one to check the mail,
and came in and said
“There’s a package here for Kristy at MY address!
(I said “Uh huh, she got a book sent here…”)
“Well, it’s going in the trash!”
So, sorry! You won’t be too mad will you? 😉
Don’t worry, I rescued it….
I think he likes having a “feud” with you! 🙂

Heath was the big brother I never had. I loved him like any little sister would her big brother. I still do. We’ve had some rough years. The teasing stopped. I missed it. But it never changed the fact that he would always be my “Billy”. When the teasing started again, I knew it had never changed the fact that I was his “silly sister”. Never were words so sweet to the ear… 🙂

And while he ‘robbed’ me of one of the hardest people to give up (my sister–since he took her to another country!), he is about to give me one of the biggest gifts I’ve ever gotten. For, in just 41 days, he is bringing my sister and my two nieces and two nephews to stay with us for at least two weeks. It will have been five years since they have been back in Australia and we can’t wait. Who could ask for a better present?!

So, thank you, Billy-Boy, more than I can say…I love you heaps. 🙂


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