How Cool Is This?!

Recently, I received an e-mail at my blog e-mail address from a marketing company offering me free gourmet coffee samples in exchange for merely posting a review on my blog.

Given that I am a ‘small-town’ blogger, I was like, “Is this for real?!” I knew that it wasn’t just straight spam, though, because it used not only the e-mail address but also my actual name. They provided a web address which I checked out and it all looked legit.

So I took the plunge and gave them my mailing address. The coffee arrived today. Most humourous is that they paid FIVE TIMES the value of the coffee to post it to Australia. 🙂 But hey, who am I to argue with free coffee samples?!? Especially when one of them is “Vanilla Biscotti”. Coffee anyone? 😉

There will, in the near future, be reviews on these three delicious-looking-and-sounding gourmet coffees as I pay my dues to this marketing company. They offer single samples (sorry, only special people get THREE! lol) for the asking on their web page. So, if you have a hankering for gourmet coffee, go visit Folgers!


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