Gotta Laugh :)

John Dekker first ‘introduced’ me to one of these. Then, Celeste showed me another. So I figured I should go look for myself. While they wouldn’t exactly be considered a Biblical form of encouragement (!!), you’ve gotta laugh at some of these. Some are really true; some are funny/ironic; some make you wince. I forwarded a pertinent few funny ones to friends. 🙂 Here’s a few of my picks to share with the general public. The whole collection is here.

You only had to be at the beach with Kat and me yesterday to see the truth of this one!

Hmmm…I like to ask questions…I hope I don’t qualify!!! 🙂

Ain’t that the truth?! lol

That…would make me an idiot. 🙂

But don’t let that stop you!!

Don’t think that I love ’em all but feel free to go check out the rest for yourself. 🙂


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