Put A Smile On Your Dial

The following article was written by Veronika. I liked her encouragement and she had graciously said that I can post it over here and encourage you guys with it. 🙂

I’ve been thinking a lot about influence lately. How much influence and light do I actually produce throughout a single day? If there are so many people that I come in contact with each and every day of my life, how can I show them God’s light, even though I may not be able to sit and witness to them face to face?

Working at my new job, I’ve been wondering about this. I serve coffee and muffins and the like, but I don’t engage in considerable-length conversations with the customers. Is there a way to influence them, or to make them think about the life they’re leading now, if it be in sin?

We can always pray, of course, for the Lord to give us the opportunities – and the boldness to take them – for witnessing. But I think many of us overlook one simple little thing: a cheerful smile and a “How do you do?” Do we ever stop to realize how uncommon those simple actions are in today’s society? But look at how much it can lift a person’s spirits. There have been several people that have come into the store, downcast or preoccupied; but whenever an employee asks a legitimate “How are you today?”, their entire attitude changes.

I think simply bringing a little joy into someone’s life is a glorious part of the Christian faith…showing others our love for God by our genuine love and care of our fellow man. Think about ways that you can bring a smile to someone’s face, and a spring to their step. It could lead to wonderful conversations about Who has given you that inner joy, and perhaps turn their hearts to Him too.

I think one of the reasons this struck me is that I often get comments regarding my smile or friendliness or helpfulness. Veronika’s article struck a chord with me over that. Sometimes I find it difficult to be so genuinely friendly. Like with the 60-odd year old Greek guy who throws the same pickup-style lines at me every time he comes in…while I think, “How could you think I would possibly look twice?!” Or complains about the wait as though it was my fault. Or the other guy of similar age who is usually brusque and intimidating and gives me a headache just by walking through the door and then tells me I should smile…the nerve of some people! lol

In striking a chord with my positive experiences, I was encouraged anew to be more persistent and diligent and look at it as a ministry. I really have tried to be more upbeat with the latter-mentioned man and I can’t say he’s smiled back but he doesn’t seem so intimidating. Maybe it was mutual perception and I have now diffused it–who knows? 🙂

Thanks, Veronika!


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