Vegemite Banned From America! LOL

[Apparently] from today’s Sunday Telegraph: The United States had banned Vegemite, with Australians now being searched for jars of the spread as they enter the country. The crackdown was prompted because Vegemite has been deemed illegal under American food laws because it contains folate, which can only be added to breads & cereals in the US. Kraft spokeswoman Joanna Scott said: “The (US) Food & Drug Administration doesn’t allow the import of Vegemite simply because the recipe does have the addition of folate.” She said the US was a minor market for Vegemite. Australian expatriates in the US said the ban had been gradually stepped up and was now ruining breakfast traditions.”

Gotta love it. What will they come up with next?! If you’re an American, you’d better duck if you come within range of any Australian!! Don’t mess with Aussies and their Vegemite. πŸ™‚

Some internet reactions to the above news:
“Some folks just don’t deserve Vegemite”
“Vegemite and Tim Tams. There’s a survival pack no Aussie should venture abroad without”
“Soon the US will be banning real food altogether….”
“I trust there will be a reciprocal on Coca-Cola by everyone living in the Free World outside the Yeast Curtain that contains the USA.”
“First ugg boots, now Vegemite. Is America trying to eradicate everything truly Australian? What next? Ban Pavlova? (Sorry to all the NZd’ers, but you know we created it first). Maybe Kraft should be renamed to Daft in honour of the FDA ;-)”

Actually, it seems that the Americans have realised this and changed their mind. According to a radio report I just heard, US Customs have said that it is ok to bring or send Vegemite into America (or, possibly, saying one thing and doing another). Wise move, people… πŸ™‚

Note: If you’re American, don’t take offense…anyone who knows me knows I love you guys. πŸ™‚


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