Afghan Friends

Suzanne and I went to visit our Afghan friends last night. I finally thought (and remembered!) to take a camera and we took some pictures of us all. The only thing I was disappointed about in these photos is that they all look quite sober…believe me, this family is anything but that! When we visit, we laugh a lot. 🙂

When it’s just Suzanne and I around, these lovely ladies aren’t required to wear hijab (headcovering). However, since photos are public domain, we knew they would need to veil first. I know why Muslims veil and I respect their courage and conviction, but it does make me feel a bit sad to see these sweet girls veiled.

I swear, though…Indians, Pakistanis, Afghans (and similar)…these people are the most hospitable people you could meet anywhere! As the guest, you are always honoured. This is one of the things I admire about these cultures. They really can teach us a lot.

Let me introduce you to my friends…

Rita, Makai, Mariam

Kristy, Makai, Suzanne

Kristy, Mariam, Rita, Suzanne

Makai, Kristy, Mariam, Rita

Makai, Suzanne, Mariam, Rita–lucky last: smiles!!


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