My Family

Well, y’all haven’t really seen my entire family on here, but my mum has been hopping up-and-down for family pictures and we actually have an “original family” picture again after so many years! Plus dozens more, of course.

This is the people I grew up with, my family in its original entirety…

Back: Michael, Timothy, Dad
Middle: Julia, Kristy, Narelle (w/high heels!), Mum
Front: Lisa, Jonathan

My little sister and her little family…

Back: Heath w/Jared, Narelle
Front: Jessica, Lydia, Jordan

And everybody…the original family, the in-laws, the grandkids, the ring-ins… 🙂

Back: Mike, Heath (Narelle’s husband), Tim, Dad
Middle: Julia, Melinda (Michael’s wife), Kristy,
Lisa (Tim’s girlfriend), Narelle w/Jared, Mum
Front: Joe, Lydia, Jordan, Lisa, Jeccy


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