Life At The Animal Farm

A friend of mine says I live in an animal farm (tact isn’t his strong point!), hence the title updating you on life at my house. 🙂

Picking up where I left off…last Monday, we went to Victor Harbor–all 16 of us. The weather there seems to be really nice or really horrible. We lucked out and it was a bit miserable. Usually we walk over to Granite Island and around that, but it was way too cold, windy and wet for that. The highlight was that the kids found a shark on the beach! I think it was about 2-3 feet long…and very dead. Michael and Heath performed a tooth extraction (for souvenirs, I’m thinking) which I did NOT watch. Dead or not, that was gross! Other than that, it was cool to see a shark up close and without danger. 🙂 Given that the weather was so miserable, we left after lunch and spent the afternoon on Hahndorf browsing the shops.

Tuesday, I had to work in the morning. Felicity (youth pastor’s wife) came over with their four young kids in the afternoon to meet Narelle and co.

Wednesday, I also had to work in the morning. When I got home, everybody but Dad was at the shops, so I had lunch and went down to meet them. We bumped into Dr S, Iram and Bilal so I got to introduce them to Narelle which was nice since they’ve heard about her. We saw a bunch of people that we knew! My friend Hannah saw us and when the others went home, Julia and I went shopping with her for a while. We spent the evening at the Fishers’ for a bbq dinner and Bible study which was nice for the most part. The not-so-nice part only being that, having started taking antibiotics, I was feeling sick.

Thursday was my last day at work for a week and a half. Yay!!! Dad dropped Mum, Narelle and Jared down to my work and the four of us headed to Harbour Town for an afternoon of shopping. That was fun and we got some really good bargains! We got back just in time to gulp down some tea and for almost everybody to head around the corner for my family’s home group. I was going to stay home with the kids again (and did) but Narelle decided to stay home with Jared also as he wasn’t too settled. We had a hectic evening trying to get her kids bathed and into bed and finally sat down to watch “Emma” around 9.30pm!

Yesterday, Friday, we all hung around home in the morning. My mum had her ladies KYB (Know Your Bible) group here. I forgot to mention that, last Friday while I was at work and the KYB group was here, our rabbit up and died!!!! We think it got bitten by something because apparently it was having, like, seizures. I’m glad I didn’t see that. 😦 Although, we’re not “pet people”, it was quite a sad event. We have had many rabbits in the past (don’t ask…), but never one quite like “Isabella”. We used to swear that thing thought it was half-human and half-dog! 🙂 It used to run circles around our feet while we hung clothes on the line, nibble our toes while we sat outside…all kinds of crazy things. It had become a fixture around the place! It was bad timing since Narelle’s kids LOVED that thing and spent all day playing with it the previous two days since they’d arrived. Anyways, yesterday after the KYB ladies left, we had a quick lunch then caught the train into the city for the afternoon. We walked down to Koorong (Christian bookstore) and then back up to Rundle Mall. I got to see the new Starbucks but not go there and I decided that if I had to answer the random question of “what to do for a relaxed first date” the answer would be “catch the train into the city on a Friday evening and go to Starbucks in Rundle Mall”. 😀 NOT that I have either the question posed or the answer needed! We got home just in time for youth group…

Today, Saturday, is Julia’s 15th birthday. I have told her for most of this year that she isn’t allowed to have a birthday because there is no way she’s allowed to turn 15!!! While I slept in, everybody but Tim went out to Gawler to see her play today’s tennis matches. I went to a friend’s house for a couple of hours to meet a girl/lady that she had led to the Lord this week and wanted to introduce to some other Christians. It was a good time and Kristy (just happens to be her name too!!) will hopefully be at church in the morning. Mum, Julia, Narelle, her kids and I met two of my aunties for lunch. Jeccy fell asleep on me again (it’s becoming a recurring theme, but one I enjoy!) and so I took her with me when they all went home. I was a little worried that she’d freak out being in a strange place without her Momma when she woke up, but all was good and I think she enjoyed her little trip with “Aunt Kristy”. Aunt Kristy surely did. 🙂 Everybody but me, Tim and Lisa B are at an F Factor (family social group at church) outing. I just finished “The White Masai” and now I’m updating this. It’s called “Roth time” and if you don’t know what that means, ask any of the Craigmore young adults. 🙂 Tonight is birthday party evening…not just for Julia but also for the nieces and nephews who we never have around for their birthdays. It has been a big day!

We have one precious week left until they leave. God has been gracious to give us this time and it has been sweeter than we ever imagined. Heath thinks we should do it every year! 🙂 Will our family make it over there in 2007? That is the question…


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