The Last Week

Sorry to all of you who keep coming back to see if I’ve written more and are disappointed, but here it finally is!

Monday, Michael & Melinda and Tim had the day off work (I have the whole week!) so we all headed to the beach for the day. We took a canoe and between that and sand and swimming, the kids had a blast. Poor Jordan had come down with some chucky bug the night before so he was feeling pretty miserable. We headed back over to Harbour Town for a bit afterwards and checked out the shops we had missed the other day–which turned out to be not much at all! A friend of mine had her engagement called off 😦 and so she spent the night at my house.

My 3-year old niece, Jekky, had slept in my room the night before. Last time we tried that, she lasted 5 mins before wanting to go back to her Momma. 🙂 This time she made it till 1am before asking. So I had to pull out all the procrastination tools in the book to see if there was any way I could change her mind instead of waking her parents at 1am and having to move her bed from my room back to theirs! The benefit of waking up at 1am is that you are geared to go back to sleep. Thankfully, she was back asleep before I made it out of the hallway. 😀

Tuesday, my friend spent the morning with us and, after lunch, she headed home and we headed out to Kapunda Museum. It’s a great place to go and see past history in a really interesting way. It’s not the first time we have taken people up there!

Wednesday, we headed down to Port Adelaide and went on a dolphin cruise. These cruises are quite cheap! On the way we went to Allington’s so Heath could get himself and Jordan an Aussie oilskin hat. Like father, like son…very cute. 🙂 Jordan prayed in the morning that we would see dolphins on the cruise. To me, God always seems to answer those prayers of a child’s faith! Well, we saw dolphins…quite a few dolphins…the last couple right up close by the side of the boat. It was very cool! I had been on one cruise before and seen NO dolphins, so it is definitely not a given! On the way home, we went to St Kilda Adventure Playground. We used to go here a lot when we were younger. I spent most of my time in the car with Jared and read a book. The others grabbed our polar fleece blankets and tried them out on the big slide. You want to go fast? Use a polar fleece blanket!!! You rarely get to the very end of this slide, but HEATH flew right to the end and OFF IT, so effective is polar fleece. 🙂

Jekky slept in my room again. This time she lasted until 3am and I didn’t need to go past the bathroom before she was asleep again. 🙂 Unfortunately, Aunt Kristy wasn’t so lucky…

Well, I’d planned to update the last post with pics and put them in here, but I haven’t had the time. So that this gets posted before next month, I’d better stop here…I’ll be back! 🙂


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