The Last Few Days

Thursday felt like Friday; like it was their last day. What a relief it was every time I remembered that we still had another full day to spend with Narelle and her family!

In the afternoon, we took them all up to Gorge Wildlife Park
. This place is pretty good and we have taken Americans there a few times before. Actually, the place was mostly visited by Americans that afternoon. As well as Narelle’s family being from Texas, there was a couple from Washington DC, their parents from South Carolina, a lady from Ohio or California (she was a little strange and it was hard to get her story straight!) and a group of young Mormon elders from Utah!! One of the latter struck up a conversation with me. πŸ™‚

We had quite some entertainment when the kids were sitting around the monkey cage and the monkeys were trying to steal their waterbottles or even drink out of them. While Jonathan was sitting there, one monkey reached out and, quick as lightning, stole his glasses straight off his face!! Poor Jonathan was quite distressed (no doubt thinking of what his parents would have to say on the matter!). My dad went off to fetch one of the ‘zookeepers’ while we watched the free entertainment. It was hilarious. This monkey knew EXACTLY what to do with glasses and sat their for ages looking through them from various directions before actually putting them on the correct way. It was so funny. When the keeper came, she said that was the second pair of glasses the monkeys had stolen on just that one day! Apparently, Heath got it all on video, so it should be quite a watch. πŸ™‚

Heath and Narelle and family went to Michael and Melinda’s for dinner. My family headed off to their home group and I stayed home to…iron! While watching a movie, of course.

Friday was their last day. 😦 We went to the Brickworks Markets as Narelle wanted to get a lot of “Australiana”. Some of it was for presents and some of it is to decorate their new house. She plans to do a mix of rustic Australian and Texan. We were there for quite some time while she collected a pile of things at just one shop. πŸ™‚

After lunch, we headed up to Mount Lofty to take some pictures over Adelaide. It was quite a clear day with a good view, but quite hot also!

Finally, we headed home for a bbq dinner and a family photo shoot. A friend of ours is a newly-starting photographer and so she agreed to come take some photos for us. One of these days when I can manage to organise some photos, I’ll let you see us again. πŸ™‚

Saturday was the sad day; the day they were leaving. 😦 I didn’t even make it through breakfast before I cried! But given that I had that opportunity to have that ‘sob-out’ on my sister’s shoulder, I was ok until they actually flew out…and even then, I managed to just stick to ‘silent tears’. Lydia cried, too, which made us feel special because my sister does not cry. πŸ™‚ If she’s upset, scared, nervous, hurt…she’s more likely to laugh it off. I reckon I could count on one hand the times I’ve seen her cry. It used to be a bit of a joke with us. lol

So…they’ve left and life is meant to return to normal. Sunday was a really down day. I couldn’t be bothered blogging and so you’ve had to wait. Our house was deathly quiet. It so wasn’t fun. But unless you want to bring on depression, you adjust! And so, I’m trying to keep busier for a few days to help minimise the quietness and ‘loneliness’. Focusing on planning when I’M going to head over helps, too… πŸ˜€


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