Job Transfer

I’m sorry I’ve been so scarce around here! I have things I want to post, but I have been so busy.

Right after my sister left, I got transferred at work. This was kind of expected, but the timeframe had been very vague. It all happened in a hurry in the end. I got told Monday night that I would be moving to another surgery on Wednesday!

I am really happy about this transfer. Dr S had asked me to work for him and then requested me to be moved. It is a smidgen closer to home and a more direct route. The location of the surgery is perfect and being in a little shopping centre, I have everything at my fingertips. Plus it is busier and other things that cheer up bored receptionists. πŸ™‚

And best of all, I get more hours and NO REGULAR SATURDAYS! Yeeha! These last two weeks, I have been working all day, every day. That won’t last, but it’s good for the bank account in the meantime–a fact that will make my sister happy as she’s on my case to save for a trip (something that didn’t need her prompting!).

So…that’s where I’ve been. Thanks for missing me! I have missed being here. πŸ™‚ Hopefully, I will get some pictures up this weekend…


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