Interim Update

Little Adelaide is currently in surgery and will be for a few more hours, I’m guessing. Half a dozen or so of us met this morning at 9am to be in prayer for them as that is when Adelaide was supposed to go in. The beautiful thing to see was just how many different areas different people thought of to pray about; things that others didn’t think of, somebody did.

There are a few particular issues to be in prayer about:

  • That the cancer’s not genetic–this is particularly a concern as Faith is currently pregnant with baby number 2 who is due on Valentine’s Day.
  • That it won’t have spread to anywhere else in Adelaide’s body and that surgery will 100% cure her.
  • For afterwards, with the infection side of things. Faith tested Adelaide out with a patch taped over her eye and, obviously being so little, Adelaide just wanted to get it off. This is going to be a big issue as she recovers from surgery when keeping infection away is critical.
  • Strength for Matt and Faith in caring for Adelaide post-surgery. Faith being a nurse will probably cope somewhat easier with taking care of Adelaide’s surgery wounds, whereas this may be significantly harder for Matt. Either way, with her being their daughter, it’s going to be very difficult.
  • Given that Faith is due mid-February, the timing doesn’t seem to be all that crash-hot. Faith will only be getting more tired and then there will be a new baby needing constant attention also. They are clinging to the fact that God knows and is sovereign and that God has given them a new little baby to be a blessing right behind a tragedy. Over the next months, life will be full of many adjustments and they will need a lot of courage and support.


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