Vacation Is Sweet

No prizes for guessing why I’ve not been on here with a title like that. 🙂

I drove down on Wednesday with my little sister (Julia) and stayed with some friends in the South-East. Peter and Sally moved down just over a year ago and I finally made it down to stay with them! I was originally going with a friend who had to pull out and Julia begged me to take her. 🙂

We made a road trip of it and took the coastal scenic route on the way down, stopping frequently. We both fell in love with Robe and nearly didn’t make it to Pete and Sal’s! 🙂 That place is sooooo refreshing.

It was my longest trip of sole-driving and I quite enjoyed it. I know, I know–that’s no big deal for some of you people, like “justsomeguy”. 🙂

We took lots of pictures, met new people (Paul, Belinda, Cathy, Steve), saw friends (David and Paula), visited old friends and acquaintances (too numerous to list by name) and just generally had a fun time. Plus getting sunburnt. Long-time residents say that is an impossibility, but I’m living proof!

We climbed Mount Schank and walked the entire circumference of the Blue Lake in one day…the latter in slides/flip-flops–need I mention it was hard to walk the next day?! We learned how to play the most bizarre card game, Killer Bunnies, and I even won. Play this game and you will marvel where somebody finds the time and imagination to come up with such a beast. lol

So…where and when do we go again?! 😀


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