Some People Are A Royal Pain

Like the ones that tried to break into my car last night, I’m thinking!!!

These stinkers tried at least three cars on our street last night. Across the road from us, the car alarm went off which alerted everybody. However, they also tried mine and my brother’s, at least.

My brother’s car wasn’t worth stealing (don’t tell him I said that!) so even though they got his open, thankfully they didn’t take it or do anything to it.

My car would look more attractive. I mean, it has nice mags, a spoiler and some pretty hot-looking speakers in the back window–none of those things are thanks to me, but they are certainly enjoyed by me. 😀 THANKFULLY, I have at least now found out that my car isn’t easy to break into, a fact I am very grateful for! What I’m not so grateful for is that they have busted my lock. I can get the key in but can’t unlock my car from the driver’s side which is VERY ANNOYING! The only consolation being that even though I can’t get in, Neither.Could.They. (Thank you, Lord!)

The handy thing, insurance-wise (if I want to make a claim, which I probably won’t), is that I actually parked in our driveway last night. Usually, I park on the verge/street. Last night, ‘coincidentally’, my brother parked in “my spot” and so I took his. That is definitely in my favour.

This is the first thing we’ve had happen like this in the year we’ve been living at this house. We live on a dead-end street in a quiet suburb and it’s always felt very safe till now! Maybe I won’t start sleeping under the stars in the backyard like I’ve been contemplating… 🙂


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