Protect or Trust?

I ‘swiped’ the following from a post over at the YLCF blog. It’s actually an excerpt from a message by Josh Harris. I happened to like it, therefore you get to read it. 🙂

I thought it was quite balanced. Over the past years, in conservative circles, there’s been such hype over “emotional purity”. Now, don’t get me wrong. I think there are some good points to that. It is pointless, foolish, selfish and hurtful to give your heart away at the drop of a hat over and over and over. There is no point to dating or romantic relationships if you have no intention of considering marriage through them. However, life doesn’t always go according to plan.

Just ask me.

Therefore I’ve never thought a lot of the whole “emotional purity movement”. At its core, it never seems to take into account that life doesn’t always go “according to plan”. It regularly leaves people feeling second-rate if they’ve loved and lost–never mind what their intentions were in the beginning. The fact is that you can desire, plan and aim to marry the first person you fall in love with…but you don’t happen to be the only person involved…and the other person has a free-will. So if you happen to be one of those people who had it all happen perfectly, please be gracious. 🙂

Anyways, that’s my soapbox for the day–let’s hear from Josh Harris…

We do not accept the unbiblical council of the world to “follow our hearts”; that is a recipe for disaster. We are called to bring the Word of God to bear on our heart. We should always be on guard against sinful desires. But guarding our hearts should not become a self-focused attempt to avoid ever being disappointed! Do you hear what I’m saying?

We’re not to guard our hearts from attraction. Look, in friendships as single men and women, you’re going to be attracted to people. Don’t pick up and run away from that relationship the first moment that you sense some form of attraction. God can help you to process that in a godly way.

If we attempt to guard ourselves against attraction or disappointment, we will end up cutting ourselves off from the good gifts of friendship and fellowship that God has for us. God can help you deal with attraction to a friend you have. You don’t have to run away from that relationship.

And if, as has happened to probably all of us, if the person that you are interested in doesn’t share the same kind of romantic interest in you, God will enable you to trust Him and enable you to walk through that disappointment. You see, our ambition as Christians should be to live lives that point to God as our greatest treasure. To live lives of love for others that display the love that God has shown to us. Our desire should be to never do anything that hurts another person or causes that person to stumble, but we are not called to flee from any disappointment in life. We are called to live lives of faith.


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