Of All Places

I banged my head as I was getting something out of my car at work today. Since I was wearing my hair up, that meant I had to go and re-do it. At work, the only place that has a mirror is the toilet/half-bath.

Guess what? I forgot the correct number of bobby-pins I put in my hair this morning…two, not one Guess what? The other one went flying as I dragged my fingers through my tangles. Guess what?

It landed in the toilet. Where else would it land?!

And no, I didn’t fish it out!!! I’m sorry, but I wasn’t about to stick my hand down a toilet that I don’t clean. I’ll just have to survive without it. 🙂

And yes, I thought you’d all really want to know that. Y’all have a nice day now! 🙂


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