The Answer

Have you ever wondered why it is that girls often think guys like them and guys say they’re only being friendly?

Have you ever wondered if there’s more to somebody’s actions than “just friends” but you really have no idea as to the answer?

Have you ever ‘liked’ somebody and thought a friendship was “going somewhere” only to have it taper off or find that you weren’t the chosen one after all?

(Btw, the answer to number one is that the guys are lying, regardless of what they end up deciding to do or not do…)

If so, you needa go read this! Frankly, I think things are getting to epidemic proportions! You can think whatever you like. 🙂

I sent it to a friend that I know has been on the let-down side of similar scenarios. We comisserate on these issues. 🙂 Following is part of her response. If you’ve been in similar shoes, you’ll understand and probably laugh. If you haven’t, you’ll wonder what planet we’re from–but this isn’t written for you, anyway, so that’s ok!

Wow, that was great! Thanks for thinking of me. It’s good to have friends who are handy with the internet and able to find good articles. Sounds like ‘hinting’ is a bit of an epidemic. I must agree hinting is fun, but it can’t be what reading the other person is completely based on. Come on, guys! TAKE A RISK AND ASK US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cracked up when the first line was “so and so emails her a lot…” I swear email is the root of all heartbreak.

And that, my friends, is the lesson for the day: Email is the root of all heartbreak.

Maybe I should go back to snail-mail…


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