Yesterday was a really good day. I expected it to be a really bad day. That was a really nice surprise. 🙂 I attribute the success of the day entirely to my prayer time of the night before. I went to sleep last night thinking/praying, “Thank you, Lord…thank you, Lord…thank you, Lord…” LOL

Not defining the ‘goodness’ or ‘badness’ of the day, but enjoyed nonetheless, were the following:

A lady at my church who’s known me since I was quite small told me she really enjoys reading my blog. She is a widowed mother of eight and it quite amazes me that the waffling blog of a younger single is, as she told me, an encouragement to her. I told her I’d probably write a lot more on here if I didn’t know that people from my church read it. 🙂

I met a total stranger who had heard about me!!! Now, that might sound really weird, but I am not known for making memorable impressions! (I suppose I could be grateful for the fact that I don’t leave a bad impression…) So the fact that I met somebody who (when given my name) said, “I’ve heard about you!!!” was most pleasant. 🙂 No, that wasn’t a bad thing…it was in response to the fact that I’d heard about them and we had a few mutual contacts. 😉

I briefly chatted with someone who always reminds me (though they are totally oblivious to the fact) that the type of guy I personally would look twice at does still exist in this world. That reminder is always something I’m grateful for. 🙂

And other than that, I got to catch up with a handful of people individually that I haven’t chatted with in quite some time and they were all enjoyable conversations.

I’m so grateful for the day that yesterday was…


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