I promise that this blog is not going to become a vaccine forum. I don’t like band-wagons and I give you my word, I did not go looking to uncover something further! However, while I thought the last post was gross and kind of entertaining, this one is purely to propagate truth.

We had a “cold chain incident” at work yesterday. Suffice it to say, some vaccines had to be discarded which is the reason I had Varivax/Varilix vaccines sitting on the desk in front of my keyboard for a little while. I noticed that one brand of vaccine said specifically that the vaccine was produced in “human diploid cells”. The fact that the word “human” was included in that was enough to make me start feeling sick. I googled the phrase.

Maybe I’m just slow, but I tell you, I did not know that they used aborted babies to produce many vaccines. For anybody in the same boat as me, I kid you not.

I found two main articles that I copied, detailing this, without looking hard at all. They are not written by wackos with a conspiracy agenda to push. One was written by a Christian doctor and the basis of his article was to help you get immunised without supporting abortion. The other was written by a secular immunisation organisation. Both of these are American, but the vaccines mentioned are the same. Working in the healthcare industry, I recognised 99% of the brands and companies listed. In Australia, we may just have one or two less positive options than Americans.

If you’re a Christian, I think you definitely need to read these articles. However, I think you should also be prepared to do something about it. Your response might be, “It’s better not to know”. My response is that I was glad I found out…


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