On A Roll

I haven’t answered so many e-mails in one week for quite some time! It’s wonderful to have such a clutter-free inbox. It felt even better than this until I remembered I also have an “unanswered” folder. 🙂

I don’t know why I do it to myself, I really don’t. I’ve long had a ‘love affair’ with letter-writing, yet over the last few years, I have turned into what I consider to be a shocking correspondent. However, over the past two or three days, I have rolled out an even half-dozen reply letters…real e-mails, not modern-day ‘peck-outs’. 🙂 It feels good–and the replies will feel even better!

Yesterday’s mail even held a real ‘snail mail’ letter from a penpal that I have had the privilege of meeting twice in person. These days, that is a real treat! Back “in the day”, I used to have over 20 penpals–and yes, I mean PENpals–and the mail was regularly all about me. 🙂

I like e-mail. I like computers. I like MSN. But you just can’t beat a real, handwritten letter delivered by the ol’ postie…


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