I just had a patient threaten me. With legal action. Can you believe that?!

I’m not scared. It’s so ridiculous that it’s laughable. The lengths some people will go to try and get what they want…

Same old, same old: the patient wanted to see Doc Mac. Same old story from me. Next minute, the husband calls in saying to give Doc Mac a message the next time he calls in.

Me: “He doesn’t call in; he won’t be in till tomorrow.”

He asks for the Macs’ home number. I refuse.

Him: “Well, I don’t want to involve solicitors or the Department of Health, but you just give him a message that I want him to call me urgently.”

He hangs up. I’m incredulous. Dr S and I have a laugh about it. AS IF the Dept of Health is going to help a sulky patient when they choose not to see an available doctor. And a solicitor?! They’d think the man just got out of a mental institution…

Methinks he has too much time and money on his hands, but at least it keeps life around here interesting. 🙂


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