Something Different

I just had a ‘heaps cool’ conversation with Dr S about some aspects of Islam & Christianity. Given that I work for the guy, I do have reasonably ‘regular’ conversations about things with him. As far as regularity-by-definition goes, though, it’s not all that common. 🙂

I have wanted to speak to him about abortion and vaccines and stuff since I made those gruesome discoveries recently and get his take on it. So we had an interesting conversation while waiting for the last patient to arrive (who never did).

He is always happy to tell me things about Islam and his beliefs and such. “I like to be teacher,” he says. 🙂 We never argue; it’s just dialogue. I like to learn what makes people tick; what worldview they are coming from, etc. I find this particularly interesting when it’s either a Muslim and/or somebody from the Arab World.

One thing I mentioned is that, according to my understanding, many Muslim countries equate Australia and America with Christianity. (This came from his comments about society/culture vs. religion as the driving force.) Once again, this is a correct understanding from my part. However, I was able to correct that misunderstanding and say that Australia and America are NOT Christian. Yes, we have Christian backgrounds as countries, but the average person on the street does not consider themself a Christian necessarily. In fact, the majority probably are not. This was interesting to him and exciting for me to have one small chance for truth to prevail.

It encourages me because I have wondered of late if I really am that much of salt and light in my workplace. I want to be; I desire to be, but does it happen; do opportunities really arise? If you have a similar passion, please spare me a prayer. 🙂


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