I only have to work four days this week, then I get four days off, then I work four days next week. Does life get any sweeter than that (other than taking a real vacation!)?! 🙂 Of course, it should be the same for most all of you out there since this coming weekend is Easter…except for people like the regularly over-worked-and-under-paid retail employees (I am so thankful I don’t work in retail!!).

My sister-in-law, however, is one of those unfortunate retail employees who can’t even talk her way into getting the weekend off. In spite of that, though, she and my brother and I are still getting to spend two nights at Robe–the place I fell in love with on my January drive to the South-East.

We’ve booked a tent site (after ringing 3 other caravan parks that were totally booked out!) and are going to camp for Saturday and Sunday night. We have to wait until Melinda finishes work around 4-4.30pm on Saturday, but we will get all of Sunday and most of Monday and I am really looking forward to it! I haven’t been back to Robe since January and the half an hour I spent there then was too short.

Hopefully, we will be able to work out some way to take our canoes down (don’t be fooled into thinking that I know how to canoe or kayak!). Mike & Mel have one and my family has one, both of which are stored at the “Juniors'”. Michael had bought roof racks for my old car in his kayak-transporting days (back when his only wheels were borrowed from me). Since then, though, I have a new car and they no longer fit my ‘ultra-mod’ hot-rod (ha, yeah right). He just bought himself a brand spankin’-new work ute and I’m sure that will work–if Melinda and I don’t mind being cosy for 3 1/2 hours on the road… 🙂

Before we go, though, we get to experience the Barlow Girls live in concert on Friday night. Lucky us (said with some sarcasm). I’ve never actually been to see/hear a chick band, so it is a first. I’ve been commandeered to take my younger sister and her best friend for said best friend’s birthday–plus another two of their friends. Barlow Girl songs seem to be worth listening to, so it should be interesting. I am NOT, however, looking forward to a minute of the supporting “Youth Alive Band”.

And given where it is being held and the sheer number of people I would expect to attend along with the fact that I am such an old woman, I am anticipating a headache-inducing evening–actually all done willingly for the love of my sister and friends. But I will let you know how it goes. 🙂


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