Gives Me The Shivers

This world is becoming an increasingly scary place to live in. Morals are ‘changing’, ethics are ‘shifting’, absolutes are seemingly no more. Of course, that doesn’t apply to me and many other people but in areas that it matters, truth is often ignored.

A few years ago, I read a fiction book by Randy Alcorn that talked about issues surrounding organ harvesting. Given that I’ve no contact or exposure to situations like those discussed, I really hadn’t even heard about such ethical concerns. I wondered how true and/or common it was and a seed of doubt and concern was planted. I’m leery of organ-donation these days as a result. However, I had never seen a public article (not that I’ve looked) dealing with the issues and concerns until today when I read this.

Give it a few more years, our world is going to be a freaky place to live in. With abortion and all it’s surrounding issues, euthanasia and dubious organ harvesting tactics, does one really want to imagine what life will be like when my generation is elderly? And how about the next one? It’s pondering thoughts like those that shake us out of our comfortable existence enough for our heart to cry, “Come, Lord Jesus!”


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