It’s Not Every Day…

…that you get a digger fall off the back of a truck in front of you on a three-lane highway!

Yes, as I mentioned, this is what happened to me on the way home a week ago. It could have been worse; I could have been in the initial line of fire directly behind this truck. I had thought to switch to that lane, but decided against it. Then some little container bounced off the back of said truck without the driver noticing and I decided it was a wise idea not to be toooo close to that truck. Dodgy driver, I thought!

Next minute, the back of the truck flies open and this bigger-than-a-bobcat digger falls off the back dropping right onto the road (the driver did actually notice this–must have been the big bang behind him)!!! Talk about in shock. πŸ™‚ Next thing, it starts bouncing over to my lane, so I switch into the next one (thankful that there are no cars there!). As it bounces into that one, the actual digger ‘claw’ somehow breaks off and THAT starts bouncing even further across the road heading for my car. Since I’ve run out of lanes, I figure I had better brake and see where it’s going to go. It stopped and I stopped and not too far from each other! I was cringing, waiting for it to smash into my bonnet.

Thank the Lord, all was well. I was very grateful because it could have ended in many different ways! Nobody else was hurt or their cars damaged either. The little incident ‘merely’ stopped the traffic. I have no idea for how long; I kept going. I was slightly distracted and a little bit shaken, but profusely thanking the Lord! I was further grateful about 5 mins later when I realised I was almost doing 80kph in a 60 zone because I was still thinking about that digger. Thankfully, the car in front of me wasn’t speeding and caused me to wonder why on earth he was going “so slow”. πŸ™‚

This is not the first time I can, without a doubt, see the hand of the Lord on me in traffic. A couple of years ago, I nearly had a head-on with a semi and I still don’t actually know how I got out of that one, humanly-speaking. In more recent times, I was on my way to a job interview and a couple of cars in front of me had a bumper-to-bumper. I slammed on my brakes and it was just a matter of sitting there wondering if my car would stop in time or if I would be the next in the line with a crumpled bonnet. It stopped. Not exactly the best frame of mind to arrive in for a job interview, but I was grateful, anyway. πŸ™‚

My workmate says “somebody” must be looking out for me. She says she’s always in those situations but is the person who ends up with the crumpled bonnet or such. I do think I have Somebody looking out for me. Not that it guarantees I will never have an accident (I wish!), but I am thankful that the Lord has protected me so far.


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