You’d Better Believe It!

I did this quiz just for fun (thanks to John Dekker). I was amused with the results and thought that I would post them. Given that I would nominate Baptist if I had to pick a denomination, I guess it pegged me pretty well! Given that I grew up Independent Baptist and have mellowed over time, you can really see that come through in the quiz also. 🙂

You scored as Baptist. If you’ve landed here,
then you are probably a well-informed Baptist.
You know what separates you from other Evangelicals
and why it is important to divide at certain points.
You see the church as a missionary organization
whose job it is to preach the gospel to a lost world.



Fightin’ Fundy


Moderate Evangelical


Conservative Evangelical


Presby – Old School


High Church Nomad


Evangelical Presbyterian


Reformed Baptist


What Kind of Evangelical Are You
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