You Wanna Know?

Okay, where to start…

Let’s see…

His name is Steve, but you don’t get the last name because mine’s not public on here either! We met in the South-East. He’s a “good friend of good friends”.

Actually, y’all have heard about him on here before and just not known it. 🙂 He is the guy I said “scrubs up all right“. He is the “somebody we knew” that Mike, Mel and I saw in Robe over Easter and the unnamed photographer of the same time. The “important meeting” on Friday night was a “meet the parents”.

Now, before you all get out your cannons and blast me because I said “there is no budding romance“…let me assure you I was telling the truth! I did not even know he was interested until a few days after I posted that. I kid you not. 🙂

I think that’ll do you for the minute…


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