Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?

I bet y’all thought I was going to say Steve or something, didn’t you? 🙂

That title is actually the name of an ‘event’ our church organises. Every year or two, we have “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?” It is a really cool idea that I hadn’t come across before we moved to this church!

If you want to participate, you put your name down and say whether you would like to host a family for lunch or if you would rather go to somebody else’s house and be hosted. If you are hosting, you also indicate how many people you are willing to cater for. The week before, the host families/people are given information telling them how many people will be coming to their house for lunch the next week and indicating any special needs. On the day, the ‘host-ees’ are given a letter with the address of the family that is hosting them. Neither family/group are given the name and, unless you know the address, you don’t know where you’re going or who you’re hosting until they turn up.

Anybody can do this: families, singles, elderly. Singles or couples are often clustered into small groups and send to one host. In 2004 and 2005, I and a friend hosted; one year at my house; the next at his. The first year, we had one of our elders and his family; the second year, we had two elderly ladies and a younger single guy. It was so fun!! (Actually, the first year, I rushed out of the house that morning without my keys. My family had chosen to go as guests and they got sent up into the hills, so I was keyless. My friend had to climb the roof and remove some tiles so we could get in the house!!!!!!!) Just yesterday, I saw one of the ladies that we hosted in 2005 and she told me again how much they enjoyed that lunch with us. 🙂

This year was the first event in two years and also the first that I haven’t had the option to host, so I just stayed home and gave my mum a hand as this was the first year that my family has hosted instead of being guests. We had one of the families that apparently my parents had been wanting to have to a meal, anyway! It was a nice time. (They also happen to have known Steve’s mum from way back and have had youth camps on Steve’s family’s farm.)

So if you have the opportunity to suggest this at your church to the powers that be, by all means, do so!! It is a great opportunity to get to know people better and it is such fun. Nothing like a little bit of secrecy to build excitement. 🙂


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