Four S-w-e-e-t Days

Well, people, I did try to blog a little quicker. Steve got a couple of pictures to me quick-smart (isn’t he good?) and I planned to blog last night (aren’t I good?) but our internet wouldn’t work (isn’t it bad?)!!!

I had a wonderful time down in the South-East with Steve and his parents. I went straight from work on Wednesday and it took me pretty much right on 5 hours to get there. The drive down was reasonably uneventful. My only ‘excitement’ was that I nearly hit a roo–that was a first for me personally. I was thankful that it didn’t hesitate or stop because if it had had, there would have been one hurt roo and probably one somewhat damaged car (it wasn’t a big roo). Since it didn’t hesitate or stop, though, I was able to brake just enough to miss it and we both continued on our merry ways–although I was probably a little more vigilant. 🙂

In spite of being out in the country, Steve’s house is easier to find than my place is–even in the dark! (Anybody who’s been to my house knows what I’m talking about!) So I got there without drama and knew pretty quickly I didn’t have much to worry about with his parents. 🙂 His mum welcomed me with a hug (my kind of woman!) and both his parents (Peter & Anita) made me feel really welcome. We had a comfortable amount of time to eat dinner before Steve and I headed out to his “house church” (what they call their home groups). Everybody there was really friendly and welcoming, too, so there went “round two” rather painlessly. They discussed James 5 and that was a bit of interesting discussion to listen into as well. I had expected Wednesday to be a v-e-r-y l-o-n-g day but it really wasn’t too bad at all, so I was very thankful since I know that lots of people prayed for me!

Thursday was farm day. 🙂 Peter and Steve had been ‘de-fencing’ some of their boundary line as part of a deal with their neighbour. The neighbour was bulldozing the 60 or so cypress trees that were growing along the fence line and I got to see some of those go down. That was really quite fascinating to watch (yep, small things amuse small minds…) and Steve did actually take some pictures but I won’t have those till the weekend. The trees then got pushed into 4 or 5 huge piles which ‘we’ (read: Peter and Steve) lit up to burn. So I spent most of the day ‘grubbing’ around the paddock with them and Angus (the dog) and in and out of the tractor with Steve for a while. Do you know, I’m really impressed with how precisely one (read: Steve) can drive a tractor. Who ever woulda thunk? (So I’m a city girl?! Laugh at me. I’ll learn!) There were two rows of fence posts within inches of each other and I know that if I was driving (no comment) both would have been pushed down instead of just the one that we were aiming for. But nope, not a one was accidentally hit. 🙂 No, I did not drive the tractor…yet.

We were actually hoping that Steve would get some trucking jobs while I was there so I could go with him, but no such luck. My only ride in that truck was around the circular driveway to put it away in the shed. 🙂 (Believe me, that is one job you do NOT want…imagine driving a huge, long truck down a narrow corridor and you have the right picture in your mind!) It has the coolest seats–I just wish I had those in my car! At any rate, I can say I’ve been in the cab of a pretty snazzy B-Double. 😉

Friday morning, Steve drove me round the paddocks to show me their land. Just for interest’s sake, the “biggest redgum south of Penola” (that is right, isn’t it, Steve??) is in the middle of one of their paddocks. 🙂 We went to Mount Gambier for lunch and then spent most of the afternoon down at Port Mac. We briefly dropped in on my friends, Pete and Sal, before having dinner with Steve’s friends, Matt and Sal. (Too many Sal’s, people!!) Matt and Sal are really easy to get along with and it was nice to get to know them a bit. Sal made a three-course dinner for us! It was really nice, although by that point in my stay, I was about over the food thing. 🙂

Saturday, I had breakfast with Anita. Steve had beat me out of the house and, other than guessing he was in a paddock somewhere, I had no idea where he was. That was ok, though, because I just sat and chatted with his mum for a while and that was really good. After we scrubbed up to go into town, Anita took some pictures of us (one being the second one above) which was a bucket of laughs. We were all killing ourselves laughing over some of the pictures that weren’t actually meant to be taken. You don’t get to see why, sorry–and at this point, Steve doesn’t have my blogger password. 🙂 We had lunch with Pete and Sal and just hung out at their place for the afternoon till we went to David & Paula’s for tea (Paula is the multiple-mentioned matchmaking friend!). It was good to catch up with them but felt a little weird to me, at least, since the last time Steve and I were there we barely spoke to each other!! 🙂

Sunday was church (it’s early: 9.30am), then they had a church meeting (during which I read the entire Global Interaction Resonate magazine! lol), then we went out to Steve’s parents’ church to have lunch with them there. So, yeah, I met a LOT of new people!!! 🙂

And then, my friends…it was the sad time for me to head home. 😦 The very great consolation was that, this time, it was less than a week till the next visit. Steve’s niece’s birthday is this coming weekend and they are coming over for it, yay!

Anyways, so there you have it. All the public goss on my time away. For some of you, that will be long and lengthy. For others like Mandy, it won’t be anywhere near enough but it’s all she’s gonna get. 🙂 I will try and post a few more pictures at a later stage. I don’t have anything really ‘exciting’ like pictures on the tractor or anything, but I can dig up a few things.

And to all you people who having been checking here regularly to see when I would finally blog and satisfy your curiosity, I WANT A COMMENT!! 🙂 (Narly, you are NO exception…learn how to comment properly!! lol)


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