So Random

I found out something a bit weird when I was staying at Steve’s parents’ place the other day that I forgot to mention…

The morning I had breakfast with Anita, before she came out, I was just randomly looking around the kitchen while waiting for the kettle to boil. For the first time, I noticed a painted wooden tray sitting on the top of the fridge. A painted wooden tray that looked almost exactly like the painted wooden tray I had sitting at home in my cupboard. A painted wooden tray that was painted at a Christian craft camp almost six years ago. With half-a-dozen older Christian women. Way too weird…

Later, I asked Anita if she did that tray at craft camp at El Shaddai. Yes, she did. I told her I was at that camp on her table and had painted one of those trays!!! Anita laughed and told Steve she met me before him. 🙂 How bizarre is that?! What was even crazier is that Paula (the matchmaker) was actually also the one that invited and paid for me to go to that camp! So we swapped our vague memories and we reckon the two of us were even sitting next to each other. Anita mentioned that she “did her own thing” in the style of painting and I remembered a lady who did go off on her own painting tangent. 🙂 Unfortunately, it seems to be one of the years that she didn’t take any photos–or that would have been quite an interesting sight!

Now tell me, how random is that?! Who ever would have thought nearly six years ago that I would end up going out with the son of the unknown woman sitting next to me… 🙂


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