Picture Time

These couple of pictures are from Steve’s niece Lisa’s 2nd birthday on the weekend. The first two are, obviously, Lisa. She got the Noah’s Ark for her birthday so I think it was the toy of the weekend!

I quite enjoyed the family gathering. It was both sides of the family. Lisa is Steve’s older sister’s daughter, so obviously Steve’s family were there, plus his brother-in-law’s family. I hadn’t met any of the latter before but that didn’t bother me–they don’t have to like me. 🙂

Brad & Miriam
Steve’s other (younger) sister and her husband

Us 🙂
If you knew how long it takes Steve’s mum to take a picture,
you’d know how easy it is to give up and get caught out! 🙂

These pictures are from the ‘de-fencing’ day where the cypress trees got bulldozed and burnt up.
There are 3 pictures in a row attempting to show a tree going down.
The pictures of Steve and me are from Anita’s photo session. 🙂

These pictures are the oh-so-overdue ones that Hannah took when I spent my weekend in the South-East with her about, um, oh, 2 months ago?! (Thanks Han!)


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