The weekend was really busy. I’m looking forward to a weekend when Steve’s trip to Adelaide is purely for the purpose of us catching up! They’re all excuses for us to catch up but, at the moment, there’s a lot going on and trips to Adelaide are serving a dual purpose. No, I’m not complaining–I’m just sayin’ is all. 🙂

Friday night we stayed home to just be home with my family (which is rare at the moment even though we’re in the same house!). We got asked to babysit his niece but had to turn that down just so we could actually be around!

Saturday, Steve was booked into an ALTA National Conference. He spent the day at that while I did other stuff and then caught the train into the city after lunch. I met him at 4.30pm when the conference let out for a break and we drove north-east (about 25 mins) to go to an engagement party for Joel & Ashlee. We were supposed to back in the city for 6.30pm but I think we made it about 6.45pm. 🙂

The conference had a formal dinner that Steve booked me in to attend with him. I was a little bit nervous about that but it ended up being quite relaxed–gotta love the country mindset ;)–and pretty enjoyable. I wish we had have taken his camera in because around the edges of the room that was all set up for a formal dinner were SEVEN TRUCK CABS. Yep, as in the big ones. Pretty hanky spanky ones, too. That was along with 29 tables (so, estimating, 270 people), a stage, a display table and random other truck stuff. How and where they would get trucks into the Adelaide Convention Centre is beyond me! 🙂 Actually, it boggles my mind that the ACC would like that–they must have got a pretty penny, I’d say.

Anyways, although I didn’t get any pictures of that, I do have one of us…

Be nice to me, btw. If you think I look tired, apart from the fact that we don’t have anything remotely resembling early nights when we’re together, that picture was taken after midnight, ok? 🙂

Sunday was church. Sunday lunch/avo, my brother and his wife were here. Sunday late avo, we went to Starbuck’s in the city to meet up with one of my best friends, Kat. Sunday night, we went out for dinner in the city with Brad and Miriam. That was really fun. Brad is a crack-up. Some things, if you repeated them, maybe aren’t hilariously funny but they’re so random when he says them, it just cracks me up. 🙂

Monday, we went to Craig & Alison’s (the older sister and her husband) to catch up with them and Lisa. We had lunch with them and ended up staying for the avo and playing Risk. I kept working on the mission of befriending Lisa and got pretty popular this time. She even asked Alison, “Kisty come? Kisty come?” which was more than Stevo got this time. 🙂 Below are some pictures of me playing with Lisa…

Isn’t that chubby little hand so adorably cute?! 🙂

I have noooo idea what was going on in this photo!!

Yep, I j-u-s-t fit–although I didn’t try to squeeze through that green-and-orange archway even though Lisa wanted me to!!
(That’s Steve with Eeyore on his hand, btw, and Lisa is behind Eeyore.)

Yeah, so enjoy it–it’s not every day I climb in a kiddie’s tent. 🙂


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