Yes, I do happen to think that, in and of itself, Myspace is a load of rubbish. I use it, anyway. It has been beneficial in extremely random ways for me. 🙂

A couple of days ago, after asking a mutual friend about somebody I hadn’t heard from or about in ages, I decided to look the girl up on Myspace. Lo and behold, there she was!

Long years ago now, I signed up on a Christian penpals website. Lacey is one of the people I wrote to and possibly the only one that I exchanged more than one letter with. Probably, the number of e-mails that Lacey and I exchanged is uncountable. 🙂 These were pre-MSN days for me. Our e-mails were LETTERS (as in multiple A4 pages), not the piddly things that qualify as e-mails these days!!!

Lacey and I e-mailed for about three years and in that time became very, very close friends…best friends really. She even used to buy calling cards so that she could phone me! We laughed together and cried together–even though thousands of miles apart. We desperately wanted to meet and that chance came when I went to the States in 2000. I stayed with Lacey and her family (then in Missouri) for three weeks. Sadly, after I left, a couple of things happened between us that we were unable to truly get past at the time and we fell out of contact for the next/last six years.

I was pretty stoked to find Lacey on Myspace and e-mailed her, hoping that we could “give it a go” again. She wrote back just as stoked–having also been thinking about me in the last few days (Coincidence?! I think not!)–and equally wanting to finally leave the past in the past. We both know that we would both probably handle things a little differently today with the extra dose of maturity that six years gives you. 🙂

We always used to commiserate together over our single state (yes, at the ripe old age of 16/18-18/20!!) and now she is single no longer, having married music composer Aaron. My, does she ever have an interesting story to tell about that match!!!

Anyways, since I’m sure she’ll be back here (she read this blog for 2 1/2 hours earlier today (to catch up on my life!!!!! No, Hannah, I did not get that from my stats–she told me! lol), I thought I’d post some embarrassing but memorable photos of us. Lucky for her, there’s only two on my computer since everything was hard-copy then. Unfortunately for me, one of the two is one of the worst photos I have of me. So we should be fair and square then, hey, Lace? 🙂

Lacey waitressed at a tearoom and I went to work with her while I was there.
These are the other waitresses at the tearoom–
we all went out to Pizza Hut one night.
I’m really impressed that, by memory, I can remember all these girls’ names.
I haven’t spoken to them since 2000!!!
L to R: Anne, Anna, Sharon, Lacey, Kristy

The interesting uniforms we had to waitress in.
This was the least-flattering one of mine and, of course,
it was the only clean one when the photos were getting taken. 😦
I hate this photo. It’s the fattest I’ve ever looked in my life. lol

Lacey’s and my Wal*Mart photo shoot.
Bring on the Wal*Mart photo sessions!!

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