Lisa’s A Grandma!

Actually, she’s not–she’s only 10 and very childless–but her rabbit had babies. 🙂

So that might be nothing unusual to you but BOTH of our rabbits were SUPPOSED to be female. Hmmmm, something is really wrong about that, wouldn’t you say?!

It was quite funny. The girl was in shock. Babies were not expected! Don’t ever believe ‘breeders’ that ‘assure’ you both of your rabbits are the same gender. They’re never right!

She first came in and told me at breakfast that there was something furry under Kimmy that looked like a baby. I just laughed (not doubting) and she assured me she was serious. She went away and was back a minute later to declare that there were, indeed, three very alive baby rabbits there. I laughed again. She was again adamant that she was serious. And serious she was. No smile. I mean, who would think it was a laughing matter?? Well, me. I thought it was hilarious and had to assure her that, really, I did believe her but it was also quite funny. Wait till the parents find out that the impossible-to-multiply rabbits they had bought their children had outwitted them!

Anyways, so we now have FIVE rabbits instead of THREE. And oh my, are they ever tiny and cute. I know farmers hate rabbits and I know that I’m dating one but still…they are so cute…so sue me. 🙂


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