Off Again

I finish work at 1pm today and asap after that, I am headed back down the south-east again till Sunday. So y’all will have to find something else to entertain you in the meantime. Yeah, ok, I know my blog is far from being your only source of entertainment or your sole boredom-filler, but you could humour me.

You know how I’m so over those dress-up parties? Well, a friend of Steve’s has a 30th on Saturday night (of course, the weekend I am down!) and is it a “T” theme. Because his name is Troy, fyi. So I get to do it all again, joy of joys. šŸ™‚ Actually, I’m really not that bothered. I wanted to go as Tigger but, sadly, I don’t have a Tigger suit. šŸ˜¦ So we are just going as tourists. At least that will give Steve a good reason to lug his camera around for the evening.

I had this very patriotic American-looking t-shirt at my disposal and was sorely tempted to pick that one above all others. However, I decided that deliberately rubbing that in Steve’s face probably wasn’t the most edifying of motivations. šŸ™‚ And before any new reader gets upset, this blog is basically pro-American–how can I be otherwise with an American brother-in-law and four half-American adorable nieces and nephews–and Steve is not really anti-American.

Besides, if I be really nice, I might even get to go out in that boat…


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