Up For A Challenge?

Last week, I read on somebody’s blog about doing “Bible in 90 days“. They were highly recommending doing it and about to start it for the second or third time.

Steve and I have been going through Proverbs separately but apart (eg, reading the same chapter but in our own individual quiet times hundreds of km’s apart usually). Since we were about to finish, I was pretty keen on this idea of reading the Bible through in 90 days. I mentioned it to him and he was pretty keen too, so…we have started today!

I read the Bible through in a year a few times when I was quite young and have wanted to do it in the last few years but usually fizzled out. While the reading requirement for “Bible in 90 days” is pretty heavy-duty, the time-frame is short which makes it seem so much more ‘do-able’. (The reading plan is at the link above. It’s a printable one-page chart/tick-sheet.)

Anyways, I have also roped in my 15 y.o. sister, Julia (she comments here), and “JSG/justsomeguy” (who is a close friend) for the challenge. Steve mentioned it to his mum and I’ve also told my married brother–we’ll see what they decide. How about y’all? Any other takers? You don’t have to be on the exact same day but doing it around the same time as some others is very encouraging. 🙂

If you join in, leave a comment to let us know! You’ll probably hear more about the progress on this blog over the next 90+ days.


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