New Things

I’ve recently joined the CFBA (Christian Fiction Blog Alliance) and FIRST (Fiction In Rather Small Takes) groups–as you may have noticed on my sidebar. This basically just means that I’ve become a book reviewer and this post is just to give you a ‘heads-up’ that there will be a bit more ‘booky’ stuff around here in the future…along with my standard posts of course!

Just to let you know, I do not get paid for these reviews. I’ve joined because I love to read and because I can get some free books to read, review and keep! 🙂 I won’t be reading all the books that are on the posting agenda–there is only so much time after all!!

However, if I have read the book, I will post my own opinion of it along with the information. I am allowed to say if I didn’t like it, so never fear…the reviews will truly be my opinion! On the other hand, if I haven’t read it, it will be entirely up to you to use your own discernment! All books reviewed through these two groups are definitely Christian ones, though, so you can at least be assured of that fact.

If you’re interested in joining either of these groups yourself, there are links in my sidebar (and, btw, I get nothing out of it if you do). Or feel free to ask me (this is what I did of Rel!!) though I am still finding my own way at present and can’t promise to be a whole lot of help. 🙂


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