Listen Up…

…if you haven’t seen this movie, you need to get to it!

It is interesting. It is clean. It is inspirational. And Christians should support it. So go buy a ticket and take at least one other person with you. Don’t wait until it comes out on video. Yes, I’m serious. 🙂 If we want more movies like this, we need to make sure we support the ones that come out!

As mentioned, my sister-in-law did win two double passes to this movie but we did travel over an hour (well, Steve travelled about 4 1/2 hours!) to see this movie, so don’t tell me you’re not real close to a cinema. What I said above still stands. 🙂

At the end of the movie, they had a bagpipe band (?) playing the song “Amazing Grace” outside of Westminster Abbey where, apparently, Wilberforce is buried. By that point, I honestly felt like everybody should be standing to listen to the playing of it. Steve asked why I didn’t and said probably everybody else would have followed. Probably mainly because I was in the very back row a mere four seats in from the corner! (It was a full house!) However, as the credits started rolling, everybody in the cinema started applauding. So maybe everybody did actually feel like me and it was just that nobody did it. So if you get centre seats and there’s a group of you, do me a favour: stand when the bagpipes start. You’ll probably get everybody else joining you. 🙂


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